Erzurum is 10 km . Aziziye Monument Mountain Top is located in the northeast in 1952 in front of the 3 Commander Gen. Nurettin Azizia bastion was built by Baransel . This monument was erected in memory of the Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-1878 . Monument made ​​of cut stone , bronze plate on : "This wedding dress young girls, old men and grandmothers , they gave their lives for honor and glory -ur honor of the Turkish nation , they fought and died. Now they live in the heart of the Turkish nation . 1877-1952 " is written.

Twin Minaret Madrasah , the symbol of Erzurum construction date of the inscription is not exactly unknown, it is estimated that made ​​the end of the 13th century. Seljuk Sultan Alaattin Keykubat 's daughter HINDU Hatuniye Madrasa Babe or is inspired by the idea that the name of the dynasty be built by Sultan also called Babe .

Erzurum Castle is estimated that by the Byzantines , is one of the sights of the city. castle manifested between the historical wealth of Erzurum , comes from both internal and external to the hill to the castle square. Until now, most of the outer castle walls is destroyed , it remained only the names of the doors in the four directions. Tabriz Gate, Erzincan Gate, Georgian Door and Door ... Istanbul is worth bushes on the inner walls of the castle. Although the renovated castle walls from time to time who does not have a report documenting that when renewed.

Three Domes of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk tombs . Three Tombs between Erzurum historic buildings, located south of the Twin Minaret Madrasa . It is the largest of the Emir of Saltuk and XII of the cupola. or XIV century . It is estimated that in the early centuries . The dome is not much information about the other . Although the information that they have done , by whom and when , it is estimated that they made ​​in the 14th century. Three Tombs with tremendous architecture , is one of the most important historical buildings of the city, is constantly visited by local and foreign tourists.

Rüstempaşa Bazaar is one of the best examples of Ottoman architecture reflects . This architectural work that accompanies the history of Erzurum , Tashan is also called by the people. Suleiman the Magnificent in 1561 from the bazaar and also was built by Grand Vizier Rustem Pasha, the groom. Today , an arcade lined with shops, bazaar sellers often seen Zealand jet . The two -storey Rüstempaşa Bedesteni both the public as well as crowded with tourists visiting during the day and Erzurum is a point field trip must place in the list.

Erzurum after his death found Coppersmith Coppersmith Coppersmith in the neighborhood of the mosque Haji Mustafa Mustafa Agha yaptırmıştı testament on the 1720-1721 year was restored in 1902 by Osman Efendi . Traditional mosque in Erzurum with this type of structure in the implementation plan yapılmıştır.kar planned cut stone and has three domed mosque in front of a domed portico of the four stone columns that move . Entrance is the inscription dated 1720 on the door. Italic font with this inscription into verse 38 does not have any property in terms of architecture and decoration of the Ketenciza yazılmıştı by Rustu . The minaret is made of red stone camber , stalactite decoration of honor görülmektedir.b remain under the occupation of Erzurum on minarets today are traces of lead .

Erzurum This mosque is located in Republic Street was built by the son of Abubakr Officials from the Finance Haji Jafar. Input on the door appeared to be in 1645, the five-line Arabic inscription in marble. There are three small narthex with a dome resting on four round columns in front of the mosque. It also built the mosque on the left side of the narthex Haji Jaafari's tomb is located. This Haji Jafar graves are dated 1650 in the tomb. Karen over the planned mosque is covered by a dome resting on an octagonal ring. This structure is a single-domed mosques and Ottoman-plan layout. Ode-i Büren in domes circulate written for them on the outskirts. In addition, if the endowment of mosques qibla wall is written in 14 lines. Although the pulpit of a property in terms of historic mosques carrying the altar of art are among the best examples of Ottoman woodworking. Next to the mosque, there is a single balconied minaret made of cut stone.

Ibrahim Pasha Mosque , Erzurum , in the center there are very close to the Old Government House ... Ibrahim from the city's historic places of worship Pasha Mosque , Erzurum in 1748 , according to information in the inscription Governor in Yazıcızade was built by Haji Ibrahim Edhem Pasha . The architecture of the mosque is square shaped , it has a single dome. Built in white marble stone has been used and the altar is made ​​of marble. Erzurum Ibrahim Pasha Mosque 's minarets are seen in the cut stone. The mosque is one of the typical examples of Ottoman architecture , it is also open for worship today .

According to Erzurum found on the inscriptions of the mosque in the neighborhood Feyzullah; It was built in 1700-1701 by Lord Şeyhülislam Feyzullah history. Because the dome is covered with over bullets is given in the name of Leaded Mosque. Furthermore Shaykh al-Islam Mosque Feyziye or with the names of my tanınmaktadı cut stone, square was built as planned. The body was covered with a dome resting on eight pulley. Four-line over the last three narthex with a dome resting on four stone columns mekandır.giriş door italics are written inscription. The altar stone is turbans. Wooden pulpit is one of the finest examples of Turkish woodworking. The minaret on the right side of the latecomers have articulated with eight rows of red stone strip. There Leaded Mosque Madrasah next. founder of the Feyzullah Feyzullah Efendi Mosque in Istanbul, the Fatih Millet Library was built at the Efendi Madrasa.

Cyprus, a period known as the Fatih and Erzurum was built by Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque Beylerbeyi Lalapaşa . In the city center of Erzurum Yakutia Madrasa mosque in the eastern part , it is essentially part of a complex and shown in Mimar Sinan 's works . which is one example of classic Ottoman mosque in the middle Lalapaşa main dome of the mosque is supported by four legs. Avlusuz was built between the Centre and the planned structures. Today it is still keep the functionality , tourist visits are to be hosted.

II. Selim was built during the period , with a planned architectural frame Erzurum Murat Pasa Mosque is among the most important places of worship in the city. The founder of the mosque built in 1573 Kuyucu Murat Pasha, the Grand Vizier . Kuyucu Murat Pasha the grand vizier görevindeyk built the mosque. The central dome of the mosque , turbans carries six columns . The dome adorned with flower and leaf motifs in European style case . The altar is ornamented stone and stalactite . The minaret of the mosque is the right one balcony on stone pedestals . Assign the neighborhood because of the presence in the town center it has an easy access road .

Erzurum Ulu mosque, bears the largest place of worship in the city property . Today, the Great Mosque of Erzurum is open for worship , is called the Atabey Mosque . The mosque in 1179 Saltuklu Malik Muhammad Nasiruddin was built Bey period . If the name is taken from the Iraqi Seljuk Sultan Atabeg Red bud. It is one of the most beautiful examples of Seljuk architecture and has a congregation capacity of 6000 people. In this capacity , a proof that the biggest mosque in the city ... the two mosques in the east, is located five doors , including the north three , is no door architecturally resemble each other ... each of the inscription seems to spend five times repair until today is examined . IV. The currently used as storerooms Murat Erzurum during the ongoing functioning as a mosque Grand Mosque, it continues to be home to the majestic architecture of tourists .

Erzurum is one of the historic buildings in Çobandede Bridge . Vizier Salduzl between the years 1297-1298 was built by Emir Non Shepherd . İlhanlı bridge that reflects the Seljuk style and is located on the Aras River . May seem like an ordinary bridge during daylight hours will have a mysterious image in the first light of the morning sun. Bridge in Çobandede , red, black, and gray is made ​​of stone cutting ; It has undergone periodic repairs. The bridge is used today . 7 Although built as a belt -eyed , today there are only 6 eye. Erzurum- Khorasan way through 58 kilometers after which you will encounter in Çobandede Bridge, it is one of the historical sightseeing areas of the city. If you wish , you can include a hyperlink to your trip.

Erzurum in Olt county, Olt River in the BC coastal fortress on the hill IV. Century were made . Fortress Byzantine, Seljuk , Akkoyunlu, Kara and was renovated in the Ottoman period. But here inscriptions indicating that repairs could not come today . It is used as a time kervansaray Ottoman period. Olt Castle made ​​of cut stone and is spread over an area of ​​3000 m2 . Today could not come to the outside of the castle walls . Today, only the citadel can be seen. The castle north of the tomb was used as one of the two towers. Also survived to the present day in a much better position than other parts bath located in the castle.